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 Lisa | July 4, 2020 3:55 pm | 2 Comments

Welcome to the last of the weekly social stamping blog hops and thank you to Kelly for creating and running the blog hop it’s been a lot of fun making new connections. But the fun isn’t over, with ongoing monthly social stamping blog hops-thanks Kelly 🙂 You may have started here or joined me from the talented Narelle Simm’s post and her gorgeous project.

The theme of this hop is change and we have all experienced lots of change recently, with I’m sure, more to come. One of the biggest changes is the awareness of the importance of public health including the basic things we can do to protect ourselves and others. Hand hygiene is right up there and I will never forget the shortage and street value of handsanitizer (and loo roll of course). Who would of thought we would be giving toilet paper and hand sanitizer as valued gifts to friends and family! Can you imagine anyone receiving a bottle of hand sanitizer with such glee a year ago?! My project for the theme of change reflects the shift in our feelings about what’s ‘out there’ and our behaviour changes as a result. I’m never far away now from a bottle of hand sanitizer, it’s everywhere! These handy size hand sanitizers sit in a little box 1” by 2” with two pieces of the Toile Tidings DSP finished with the tag topper punch And make quick and easy gifts. I’m looking forward to seeing what my friend and super crafter Siobhan Fitzsimmons has created for this hop and if you lose the link up you can use this link to navigate to the master list. See you next month for more social stamping!

2 thoughts on “Social Stamping-Change”

  1. Michelle Strazds

    Totally agree. We wouldn’t have been excited receiving hand sanitiser a year ago! It is everywhere now. Great packaging idea for it.

  2. Such a clever little project Lisa! And such a good observation about the world of 2020! Thanks for joining in with the Social Stamping Blog Hosts! You’re awesome! Kelly x

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